Plymouth Youth Hockey

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The Learn-to-Play program, our second level of instruction, is intended for all players from the age of 4 years to approximately 6 years old who have previous skating experience.  The skill level is designed for children who have grasped the basics of skating and wish to develop hockey skills. The players shall attend two 50-minute, on-ice sessions per week. For about the first two months, the players will focus on drills and techniques to improve skating and hockey skills. Then players will practice once a week and play competitive games on Sundays. Each team will consist of 10-12 players. The games will be cross-ice, two-minute buzzer hockey, and consist of 4 players vs. 4 players (Coaches decisions of on ice personnel, may change the allowable players on ice). Goalies will not be used.  Only two games shall occur during a sheet of ice with the middle sheet being left open so players can have supervised free time to skate and use pucks. Games will be played with the intention of not keeping score, to allow players to develop skills and not focus on winning or losing. A playoff format will be used prior to season’s end, with no special benefits to the champions.


Mandatory —        Helmet with AHA approved Mask (helmet should fit snugly)
Equipment: —        Skates (usually one size smaller than shoe size, measure for best fit)

—        Gloves

—        Cup

  —        Neck Guard
  —        Elbow Pads
  —        Knee Pads
  —        Shoulder Pads
  —        Hockey Pants
  —        Hockey Stick (Stick’s vertical length from floor should not exceed bottom of child’s nose without skates or bottom of chin with skates. An extra inch for growth is o.k. A stick too long is harder to handle.)


Please contact Dan Quill at    with any questions regarding Plymouth Youth Hockey's LTP Program.