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2018 -2019 Jersey Program

****Questions should be directed to Josh Hatch @

New Player Jersey Orders and Returning Player Jersey Reorders


New Player Jersey Ordering Information:

As a player in PYH, you will need a set of the official team jerseys to participate in games.  The jerseys include a white jersey with PYH logo on front and a blue jersey with Plymouth down the front.  Your child will be assigned a permanent number for the entire time they play with PYH.   The jerseys will have their number and last name on them.  The cost of a set of jerseys is $ 115.00 ($57.50 for a single jersey).  The cost for a set of Goalie jerseys is $135 ($67.50 for a single jersey)  .If something happens to your jerseys, or as your child grows, you will be responsible for any replacements.


Numbers are assigned based on birth years – odd birth years have odd numbers, even birth year even.  So if your player was born in 2005 – they would choose from a list of available odd numbers from 1-99.  The available numbers are listed at the bottom of this page.


A lottery drawing will be held before the June board meeting from the available numbers.


What you need to do:


  1. Attend one of the following jersey sizing times at Armstrong Arena to determine what size your player will need: (BRING SET OF SHOULDER PADS)

March 31st 8am-10:30am

April 2nd 5pm-8pm

April 4th 5pm-7pm


  1. Under the Jersey Tab on the PYH Website complete the “PYH New Jersey Order Form 2018-2019”.

When you complete this you will need the players size, top 10 choices for number assignments, and a contact phone number that you could be reached on .  




  1.  If you still have additional questions, please do not hesitate to let me know.


Things you may want to be aware of:

  1. There are no exceptions to the odd/even birth year numbers.  Even if you have a sibling in the program.  (If you have an older sibling that is an even birth year, but the new player is odd – you cannot request the older sibling’s number).  However, if you have 2 siblings in odd years, you can request the same number by entering the older siblings number as your first choice.  However, we cannot guarantee that you will get assigned that number as the depends on the lottery, and if someone else has requested that number.
  2. If you leave PYH for any season, your number will be released for assignment to another player, if you return the following year, you will have to re-enter the lottery pool, and may have to purchase new sets of jerseys.  PYH only offsets the cost of the first set.
  3.  You will NOT be able to play in any games without the official jerseys.
  4. LTP numbers from the 2017-18 season do not carryover for travel teams.


Please see website for available numbers by birth year


Existing Players Replacement Jerseys and Re-Orders:

 If you were given a VNECK NO LACE Jersey this season you will need to attend a jersey fitting and place an order online.  PYH will be picking up the cost of the V-Necks.  You will need to show the V-Neck at the time of fitting. 



****Returning Players:

Be sure to select REORDER under the jersey tab and log in your existing jersey number.  All order must be placed no later than APRIL 30.


The lottery drawing for numbers will be done before the June BOD meeting.

ALL ORDERS FOR 2018-2019 SEASON MUST BE PLACED BY APRIL 30TH – for new players and any reorders. 

Any orders placed after this date are not guaranteed to be available before the season starts. 

Orders placed after the April 30th will be process in August, and can take up to 10-12 weeks to be received.